Stormwater Infiltration


Stormwater Infiltration

In view of increasingly frequent flood disasters, the decentralised infiltration of rainwater is becoming ever more important in rainwater management. The increasing ground sealing due to buildings, car parks and streets puts a strain on the sewage system, particularly in conurbations, and increases the risk of flooding. This is why extra charges are now levied in many places for sealed areas that are drained into the sewer.
Decentralised infiltration on site can enable you to save on these sealing charges and also relieve the burden on sewer networks and wastewater treatment plants.

The NEOplus infiltration ditches represent a highly efficient and safe system for the long term. Due to the compact one-piece design, they are quick and easy to install. The infiltration ditches are available with two dome openings as an option, and are thus directly accessible via the two shaft entrances and completely accessible from the inside. This makes it easy to check, maintain and clean the complete unit.



  • Storage capacity of 10,000–25,000 litres

  • Easy handling during transport and installation

  • High stability with low weight

  • Two dome openings available as an option

  • Completely accessible from the inside for easy maintenance and cleaning

  • No separate inspection and maintenance shaft required

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