Solido SMART


SBR compressed air system with direct aeration (without primary treatment)

The Solido SMART small wastewater treatment plant is extremely efficient thanks to the use of the direct aeration technique. The system produces 25% less sludge and is virtually odourless. The integrated capsule in the treatment tank makes it very economical and quiet. The only part outside the treatment tank is a compact control unit (20x12 cm), which is connected to the system via a plug-in line. As a result, the treatment tank and system technology are very easy to install. The property owner barely even notices the small wastewater treatment plant!


  • No odours and 25% less sludge thanks to direct aeration
  • Available as a single-chamber system in a round tank or double-chamber system in a rectangular tank with a 25-year guarantee
  • No bothersome switch cabinet and extremely quiet operation thanks to technology capsule
  • Low power consumption, only approx. 49 kWh/PE per year
  • 25-year tank guarantee and 3-year guarantee on wastewater treatment technology (provided maintenance work performed by authorised specialist company)
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