NEO cesspool for wastewater and silage seepage water

Cesspools are the ideal solution for all properties without a connection to the mains sewer, where only little or irregular wastewater is produced, e.g.:

  • For holiday homes
  • For residential buildings as a temporary solution until connected to the mains sewer
  • In agriculture (silage seepage water, dairy wastewater)

All tanks are made from 100% wastewater-resistant polyethylene and have been tested for static and leak tightness according to EN12566-1.


  • 100% resistant to domestic wastewater and fermentation liquid from agriculture
  • Available in two qualities, standard for groundwater up to the tank equator, X-Line (extra strong) for groundwater up to the tank shoulder
  • Made out of one piece with no seams and joints, 100% leak-proof, extremely robust and stable
  • Easy to transport and install
  • Easy to clean and ideal for subsequent use as a rainwater tank

In particularly difficult ground conditions (high groundwater or clay) ask for our new product line NEO X-Line!

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