Septic Tanks


NEO septic tank (in accordance with EN12566-1)

Septic tanks are a proven solution for plots where a “real” small wastewater treatment plant is not necessary or prescribed. Neo septic tanks come in a range from 3–25 m³ in two tank qualities – for normal soil conditions and for difficult site conditions (heavy soil, high groundwater).

All Neo septic tanks are tested for hydraulic efficiency (retention of sludge), static and leak tightness in accordance with EN12566-1.


  • Available in two qualities, standard for groundwater up to the tank equator, X-Line (extra strong) for groundwater up to the tank shoulder
  • With lamellar filter for the retention of substances, therefore no chambers required
  • Easy to empty and clean
  • Made out of one piece with no seams and joints, 100% leak-proof, extremely robust and stable
  • Easy to transport and install

In particularly difficult ground conditions (high groundwater or clay) ask for our new product line NEO X-Line!

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